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Here are frequently asked questions about my business and products.

1.) Why candles and soaps?

I’ve always loved how scent connects with our memories. Whether it’s that cherry smell that reminds me of my first tube of lip balm, or the smell of hot pavement after a Summer rain shower that takes me back to long days playing outside with friends.
I also have a weird tendency to smell everything, so I’ve made it my job to make things smell good!

2.) Do I need to trim my wick every time?

Yes! Trimming your candle wick before each burn not only prolongs the candle life, but also keeps you and your home safe! A longer wick can easily catch something on fire, so please trim the recommended 1/4” and keep your candle away from drafts and anything flammable. And as always, do not leave a candle unattended.

3.) Is there a way to prevent a candle from tunneling?

Yes! Your first burn is the foundation to a happier burning candle. When you first light your candle, let it burn for at least an hour, this allows the wax pool to reach the entire width of the candle tin/jar and will prevent build up of wax on the sides and a sinking hole in the middle.

4.) How long do your candles burn for?

My 6 oz travel tins have a burn time of 40hrs*, and my 8oz jars burn up to 50hrs*! To prolong your candle’s burn time, only burn your candle 3 hours at a time.

(*with 3 hour burn cycles, and 1/4 wick trimming)

5.) What are your soaps made of, and are they vegan friendly?

All of my soaps are based with glycerin (plant-based oils) making them vegan friendly, unless Goat’s Milk is added. Glycerin, when used in soaps, keeps skin from losing moisture, thus keeping your skin hydrated and healthier.

6.) Do you offer wholesale?

Yes I do, if you’re interested in working with me, please send me an email at Fussygoosestudio@gmail.com with any questions.

7.) Do you offer custom labels, candles, soaps etc?

Yes, I am now offering custom candles and soaps for special events! Please send me an email with any questions. I do need at least a month in advance to complete custom orders.

8.) I just finished up the last of my _____ soap from last Fall, do you/will you have any more?

As of right now, I change my scents for soaps and candles every season. If there is a specific scent you loved and I've run out, I will custom make you a small batch. Small minimum order required, email for more info.

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